Hashcove builds global platforms leveraging and driving the latest trends from the 21st century information age; including, digital information platforms, micro-payments as a service and bitcoin / blockchain inspired business models



Digitizing data to information, and turning information into insight Carbon is a consumer application, enables offline content digitisation, merging with online data, categorising for easy creation and sharing, crowd-sourcing contribution from others. And you own your data.

Token As A service (TAAS)

As users start valuing their privacy, and machines start interacting with machines (imagine tesla car searching google search engine), micropayment market shall explode. TAAS will enable for ease of launching tokens, micropayments, crypto-currencies on a cloud based on any custom workflow and wallets for the users.

New Age Technology Solutions

We also help our clients build new age technology solutions to cater the fast-changing technology driven world.

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