Building Blockchain Solutions

Hashcove enables decentralised technology evolution and adoption, through its Blockchain solutions.



Hashcove Crypto Exchange

A customisable whitelabel crypto exchange platform which provides web and mobile apps, scalable matching engine, advanced liquidity management, connectivity to all relevant blockchains, comprehensive market data and order execution API’s. We offer solutions for Centralized, Decentralized and Hybrid crypto-exchanges. 

Smart Contract Solutions

Smart Contracts are self-executing protocols that facilitate, verify or enforce any trigger based actions; stored on the blockchain, decentralised and transparent. Hashcove offers smart contract development, used for tokenisation, ICO Smart Contracts, Security Audits & other related applications. 

Hashcove Crypto wallet

Hashcove Crypto Wallet is secure digital wallet used to store, send and receive crypto currencies like Bitcoins, Ethers and several other crypto currencies. Hashcove offers a wide range of solutions in developing multi-cryptocurrency wallets, with most advanced security features, for web and mobile users.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

Hashcove team helps architect custom Blockchain solutions in etherium, multi chain, solidity, bitcoin, hyperledger, and several other Blockchain protocols for applications including KYC, clearing for financial markets, lending, etc.
Please read our views on where Blockchain may not work before evaluating your use case.

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