Building Blockchain Solutions

Hashcove enables decentralised technology evolution and adoption, through its Blockchain solutions.



STO and Crowdfunding Platforms

Hashcove offers cutting edge, one-stop technology solutions for managing the complete fund raising ecosystem, right from token listing to investor onboarding, primary fundraising to movement and trading in secondary markets.

Cross Border Banking and Payments

HashPay helps you send money from anywhere to anywhere in the world, in any currency and with any bank. The platform comes loaded with in-built KYC utilities that validates each user profile as per local regulations before any transactions are done. Your information and transactions are protected with 256bit AES encryption and biometric authentication to eliminate the scope of any unauthorized access. 

Hashcove Crypto Exchange

A customisable whitelabel crypto exchange platform which provides web and mobile apps, scalable matching engine, advanced liquidity management, connectivity to all relevant blockchains, comprehensive market data and order execution API’s. We offer solutions for Centralized, Decentralized and Hybrid crypto-exchanges. 

Crypto Custody Solutions

Hashcove’s Institutional targeted Crypto Custody solutions offer management of large cryptocurrencies and safe storage for crypto exchange managers, or other crypto intermediaries. The solutions also include the most advanced hot, cold and warm wallet storage services and security configurations that ensure that the assets are secure as they move in and out of the wallet on manual or automated instructions, and removes any single point of failure.

Smart Contract Solutions

Smart Contracts are self-executing protocols that facilitate, verify or enforce any trigger based actions; stored on the blockchain, decentralised and transparent. Hashcove offers smart contract development, used for tokenisation, ICO Smart Contracts, Security Audits & other related applications.

Digital Identity Management

Leveraging on blockchain technology, Hashcove is building a new ecosystem of trust for all individuals and organizations connected via the internet. Hashcove brings decentralized, end-to-end encrypted and Zero-Knowledge data management and sharing solutions that allow users to control  when, where and with whom they want to share what portion of their digital identity. 

Hashcove’s strategic partner Cove has translated these solutions into building a multi-functional revolutionary KYC applications. 

Corporate P2P Lending Platforms

Hashcove offers lending and borrowing platforms for enterprises, driven by a private and auditable blockchain. The web based platform allows institutional entities to manage their cash-flow excess or deficit by engaging in a peer-to-peer borrowing or lending ecosystem. This ecosystem is completely self reliant and removes the need of any middlemen or facilitating institutions that are otherwise involved in the matching of lenders and borrowers – making way for lesser spreads and better rates of interest!

Retail Cryptocurrency Wallet

The Retail Cryptocurrency Wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethers and several other cryptocurrencies  and fiat currencies . Hashcove offers a wide range of solutions in developing multi-cryptocurrency wallets, with most advanced security features, for web and mobile users.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

Hashcove team helps architect custom Blockchain solutions in ethereum, multi chain, solidity, bitcoin, hyperledger, and several other Blockchain protocols for applications including KYC, clearing for financial markets, lending, etc.
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