Hashcove is a UK based Blockchain products company. Hashcove builds global platforms
leveraging and driving the latest trends from the new information age; including, crowdsourced
tokenised platforms, crypto-exchanges and wallets, smart contracts for ICOs and
other related blockchain applications.


Kunal Nandwani | Co-Founder & CEO

With over 12+ years of experience in the Financial Technology industry, Kunal is the CEO of Hashcove. He is also the Founder and CEO of uTrade Solutions which is an industry leader in providing Algo Trading solution and serving clients worldwide.

Sarvpriye Soni | Co-Founder and VP Technology

An alumnus of the UIET, Chandigarh, Sarvpriye is the Blockchain Systems Architect and is the Co-Founder & VP Engineering at Hashcove. He has previously served at various leadership positions at uTrade Solutions.

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