How did uTrade brand its blockchain platform — Hashcove

How did uTrade brand its blockchain platform The name ‘HASHCOVE‘ stands for a small body of Hash Functions / Values. And hash values are a crucial part of the BlockChain. – Most people we see in this space, come up with something related to Block or Chain. In a survey of 300+ companies:20 have Block in their name.21 have Chain in their name. 20 have Block in their name. 21 have Chain in their name.

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Bitcoin Simplified and its Future

Say you’re planning a cross-continental trip to three different countries. The usual hassles accompanying such a trip would be the exchange of currencies and the inevitable fee that accompanies each exchange. Say you run short of cash, and now need to head to the nearest ATM, and pay ridiculously high international transaction fees. Frustrating, right? Now imagine an alternative scenario- one where you don’t need to convert your currencies, travel with actual cash in your

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What is a Blockchain and why does it matter?

Blockchain is likely to be the most hyped database in the current decade. It is the core technology that enabled bitcoin, which has had challenging ups and downs due to business reasons. Blockchain has the ability to bring lot of efficiencies in how information is created, shared, accessed, secured, and relies upon crowd efforts for validating the correct information. Hence it is compared with the Internet revolution that started in late 90s. Similar to the

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