Tailored eKYC Applications

Cove Identity helps you automate and secure your organization’s KYC processes with its suite of Web and Mobile based applications. It takes charge of the end-to-end implementation and customization requests and makes way for easy user management with its Enterprise Admin Panels, loaded with the premium AI-powered Cove IntelliSense.  

Generate custom KYC frontends with Cove, right from KYC initiation screen to user information forms and multi-stage confirmations/push notifications.

Manage all user requests (approval, suspend, reject, etc.) in one convenient Admin dashboard and export all data for record keeping and analysis. All historical data is immutable and placed on super secure networks.

Cove KYC experiences are easy to integrate with your existing web or mobile platforms, and with third party ID verification APIs usually issued by government agencies or private organizations.

Gone are the days of door to door physical verification processes for completing KYC processes. Cove’s AI powered IntelliSense gives you strong insights on authenticity of documents and pictures uploaded by the KYC user, so the overall process consumes less human resources and time. 

When you offer KYC applications on Cove, users can fill out information and complete the forms both on Web or Mobile devices. These apps run across all popular web browsers and mobile operating systems, and your KYC forms can be customized in design and information fields on request.

Stay in touch with your KYC users to facilitate a smooth onboarding experience. Deploy pre-built smart chat-bots for updating users with application status and requirements, or even get on a live chat for a more personalized experience.

Cove is capable of accepting and processing a wide variety of file types and file formats to make the KYC experience truly convenient for a large client base. Cove also automatically fills out your final KYC application by auto-extracting information from the uploaded picture IDs, and it typically takes less than 60 seconds to finish the KYC process. Once done, the user may also re-use the same data for other similar KYC applications, in even shorter time duration!

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