Simplify international payments and fund transfers with HashPay.

HashPay is the new way to pay. Connected with global bank & wallets payment gateways, and protected with world class security protocols, HashPay brings under one roof all that you’ll ever need for making payments and managing funds easily.

HashPay gives you a simple and super-secure global access that you can use for making international payments, money transfers, and saving bank deposits (in your pre-registered bank accounts) across multiple financial assets and instruments. Hashcove integrates HashPay with a wide variety of Bank APIs to provide easy money transfer solutions, while currency conversion rates can be automatically fetched from predefined third party sources, or even fed via the Admin portal. 

  • All your accounts on one secure system
  • Live currency conversion spreads
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Protected with multifactor authentication

Hashcove’s innovative apps help you access all your accounts across different banks and regions with a single click, and also move funds with full confidence. Further, the platform comes loaded with in-built KYC application that validates each user profile as per local regulations before any transactions can be made. Your information is protected with 256bit AES encryption and the app access is limited by biometric authentication to eliminate the scope of any unauthorized access. Get real-time updates and notifications on new transaction statuses, and also access detailed transaction history within the application. Hashcove also helps you generate customized reports for auditing and record maintenance purposes.

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