Hashcove makes tokenized crowdfunding
simple, secure, automated and compliance friendly.

Say hello to Hashcove’s customizable, smart contract driven and highly scalable state-of-the-art security token issuance platform. 
Hashcove STO platform features
Companies may register themselves on the white-labelled Hashcove STO platform to issue Equity Tokens, Reserve Assets Token, or even Debt Tokens. Since all transactions on our platform are carried out on a blockchain, it helps entrepreneurs raise funds in a simple, cost effective and completely transparent way.
Each company may issue a private or public token sale, to restrict the number and nature of investors. Some of the variety of contracts offered include Capped Contracts ,  Mintable Tokens , Multi-Signature Contracts , Dynamic Contracts, Burnable/Freezing Tokens, Time Vault Contracts  and Discount Varying Tokens.
STO Organizers have complete control over a hot-featured campaign page, which potential investors can use for fundamental analysis before investing. 
Our STO platform supports multiple currencies based on business and regulatory requirements, including both digital and fiat currencies. It can be integrated with local payment gateways for easy real-time pay-in and pay-out of funds. What’s more? The STO platform also comes integrated with our matching engine (for secondary market trading) and clearing technology, which can help you build a completely self reliant offering without needing any third party licenses or collaboration.

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